Will tech employers hire coding bootcamp graduates?

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The top coding bootcamps provide focused and accelerated training at a lower cost than many degrees. Plus, many coding bootcamps have hiring partnerships with big-name tech companies.

Many prospective tech professionals ask, “Are bootcamps worth it?” According to graduates’ employment success, the answer appears to be yes. 

A bootcamp graduate shares his job-hunting experience

Andrew GraczykDr. Andrew Graczyk is a graduate of The Data Incubator (TDI). He also earned his Ph.D. in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in December 2017. 

His research specialty in game-theoretic modeling, Bayesian statistics, and time series analysis allowed him to synthesize novel models to capture adverse incentives responsible for behavior that other models struggle to explain. 

Prior to his career in data science, he developed experience working with a wide variety of data and topics. As a senior data scientist at NNData, Dr. Graczyk applies his experience with data and theory to create robust, flexible, and holistic solutions to problems using cutting-edge machine learning and statistical techniques.

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ZDNet: How long did it take you to find a job in the field after graduating? 

Dr. Andrew Graczyk: I was quite fortunate to have several promising interviews upon completing my program at The Data Incubator, which culminated in several job offers. I began my first data science position about one month after completing the TDI data science fellowship.

ZDNet: What skills or experience gained from the bootcamp have proven most useful to your career?

AG: TDI teaches its students a lot about the specifics of data science techniques, from simple statistical models to deep learning to web-scraping to data visualizations. But, I think the most important skill I learned was how to approach a problem like a data scientist. 

What kinds of data and approaches are even appropriate for attempting to answer a certain kind of question, how to best use data that you have, how to account for the limitations of your data — those are skills that every data scientist needs to have in every project. 

Without that, you can’t even formulate the right questions, let alone answer them.

In conclusion

Coding bootcamps can lead to opportunities in tech companies across the country. 

Available to inexperienced graduates looking to start their careers and experienced professionals looking to switch theirs, these focused programs may offer you the professional outcome you want without investing in a full degree. 

Use the information here to choose a coding bootcamp that meets your individual needs.

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