Career Enablement at TDI

TDI is more than your typical bootcamp. We provide robust career support to ensure exceptional outcomes for our students.

Our commitment to their success is reflected in the fact that 88% of our graduates secure employment within just six months of program completion, with 80% of these job opportunities found through our extensive network.

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88 students get hired

Weekly Career Workshops (From Course Start)

In addition to the in-depth support provided during and after the course, The Data Incubator offers a series of 7 career workshops starting as soon as the course begins. These workshops cover a range of topics including: 

  • Resume and hiring preparation
  • Interviewing skills
  • Navigating the TDI hiring network
  • Negotiating job offers
  • Mock interview group workshops
  • Visa immigration law for job seekers
  • LinkedIn and resume updates

 By participating in these workshops, graduates can gain valuable insights and skills to help them succeed in their job search throughout the course and beyond.

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Behavioral Mock Interviews with Career Coaches

Behavioral mock interviews provide graduates with an opportunity to practice their interview skills and receive feedback from experienced career coaches. These interviews focus on assessing your interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving abilities, which are crucial for success in the data science and data engineering fields. Graduates can improve their performance in real interviews, identify areas for improvement, and build confidence by participating in these sessions.

Mock Interview Typical Cost: $150. Cost for TDI Students & Graduates: $0.

Technical Interview Practice with Instructors (Weekly)

Conducted by experienced instructors, these weekly sessions cover various technical topics and questions that candidates may encounter in real interviews. This practice enables graduates to gain confidence, develop problem-solving techniques, and become more familiar with the interview process, increasing their chances of landing a job with a great company. 

Technical Interview Typical Cost: $250. Cost for TDI Students & Graduates: $0.

Resume Rewrite with Top Resume Writing Company

A well-crafted resume is critical for making a strong first impression on potential employers. The Data Incubator partners with a top resume-writing company that specializes in data science and data engineering to help graduates optimize their resumes. This service ensures that their resumes highlight the relevant skills, experiences, and accomplishments companies are looking for, making them more attractive to hiring managers in the industry.

Resume Writing Typical Cost: $200. Cost for TDI Students & Graduates: $0

Cover Letter Writing Resources

A compelling cover letter is a valuable tool for candidates to showcase their unique qualifications and passion for the data field. The Data Incubator offers cover letter rewrite services with a top resume-writing company, ensuring that graduates have a cohesive and professional application package that effectively communicates their value to employers.

Cover Letter Writing Typical Cost: $100. Cost for TDI Students & Graduates: $0

Dedicated Team of Hiring Managers for Job Search Support

The Data Incubator provides graduates with access to a dedicated team of hiring managers who offer personalized job search support during the program and for one year after. This assistance includes guidance on networking, job market trends, and interview preparation, ensuring that graduates have the support they need to successfully navigate the data science and data engineering job market. 

Hiring Partner Network with No Membership Fee

Graduates of The Data Incubator benefit from access to an extensive hiring partner network without any membership fees. This network includes a diverse range of companies in the data science and data engineering sectors, providing graduates with ample opportunities to connect with potential employers and explore job openings.

Hiring Partner Access Typical Cost: 15% of Salary. TDI Cost: $0

Lifetime Access to Alumni Network with Weekly Job Postings

The Data Incubator offers lifetime access to an exclusive alumni network for its graduates. This network serves as a valuable resource for networking, professional development, and job opportunities. With weekly job postings shared within the community, graduates can stay informed about the latest job openings in the data science and data engineering fields. 

Top Companies Our Graduates Were Hired At:

hiring partners
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Join TDI for the Best Career Support in the Industry and Set Yourself Up for Success!

Ready to kick-start your data science career? There’s never been a better time than now. The Data Incubator has you covered with its data science boot camps and programs, helping you master the skills for your dream job.

You can learn more about our programs here:

  • Data Engineering Bootcamp: This program teaches you the skills to build data infrastructures, design better models and effortlessly maintain data. 
  • Data Science Essentials: This program is perfect for you if you want to expand your data experience and improve your current skill sets. 
  • Data Science Bootcamp: This provides you with an immersive, hands-on experience. It helps you master in-demand skills to start your career in data science.

Contact our admissions team if you have any queries regarding the application process.

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