The Data Incubator Alumni AMA (ask me anything!) Panel

Do you have burning questions about any of our programs and what they might entail? Do you want to hear from real people who have been through our bootcamps and have them spill the details on what they really think?

Then come to our live Alumni Ask Me Anything Panel on October 26th!

Our fantastic alumni will be hosting an online discussion to answer all of your questions about TDI – from the application, to the coding challenge, to how to ace your interview. Hear candid stories about their time with TDI as they answer anything you dare to ask about the program.

About our alumni guests:

Jonathan BJonathan Burley

Head of Data Science @ Actifai

Jonathan Burley spent the last several years working at the studio prototyping AI SaaS solutions in partnership with Fortune 500 companies. From here he was a founding member of, where he is CDO. The core Actifai product allows cable, media, and telecom providers to match individual customers with a single optimized offer. Over the past two years the company has grown to a few million ARR and 17 full-time staff. Prior to TDI, he worked at OC&C strategy consultants during the start of the “big data” revolution and completed his PhD in Computational Geophysics and Climate at Oxford where he won the Guralp Prize.

marcos huerta data scientist alumni from TDIMarcos Huerta

Data Scientist @ Carmax

Marcos received his PhD in Astrophysics from Rice University. He spent almost a decade in Washington, DC working in science policy before completing TDI in the fall of 2018. After graduation he began as a Senior Data Scientist in pricing systems at Carmax in Richmond, VA. Today, he is a Manager, Data Science and continues to work on pricing systems and algorithms relating to the company’s appraisal products, primarily online appraisals that Carmax launched in 2020.

Matt ChanMatt Chan

Data Scientist for Big Data @ Comcast

Hi, I’m Matt Chan, and I was part of the East Coast Data Science Cohort in summer 2020. I currently work with the Analytics and Experimentation Data Science Team as Data Scientist for Big Data at Comcast. At Comcast, I’m the lead data scientist for the Xfinity Flex product team, where we use predictive modeling to provide insight for product design, experimentations, and evaluation. Other projects I’ve build on my own between pivoting to a data science career and landing my first job includes a web app that takes midi music files uploaded by users, and passing that through a convolutional neural network that generates string quartet arrangement pdf sheet music. In my past career, I worked at a University as a research faulty and administrator managing two research and education centers as an Associate Director.

Robert SchabingerRobert Schabinger

Data Scientist @ DCI Solutions

Robert developed a web application at The Data Incubator that allows users to select a summary of product reviews in real time, effectively dealing with the proliferation of incentivized reviews on Amazon and providing consumers with a useful alternative to Amazon’s native product review presentation formats. Robert recently left his position as a theoretical high-energy particle physics researcher, and is now employed as a data scientist by DCI Solutions, a military contractor stationed at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Robert’s research focuses on using machine learning to develop cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.