Data Science Demo

About our Instructor:

Don FoxBorn and raised in deep South Texas, Don studied chemical engineering at MIT and Cornell where he researched renewable energy systems. Don was attracted to data science because it is an interdisciplinary field that combines math, statistics, and computer science to derive insights of processes using data. He enjoys puns, wearing ties, cardigans, and everything fall. He is a Data Scientist in Residence.

Join us for a live session with instructor Don Fox who will discuss what Git is and how to use it!

Git is a version control system; it provides a set of tools to track the evolution of source code. It is ubiquitous; anyone touching code will more than likely have to use Git. Data practitioners are expected to be comfortable and proficient with Git.

However, many people don’t really understand how Git works and they struggle using it. They memorize a set of mysterious commands and when to use them. By understanding how Git works, one can start seeing Git as a tool to make your life easier rather than a burden and something you need to use.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • The Git data model and what is a DAG
  • What makes a good commit and a good commit message
  • What HEAD refers to
  • How branching helps with development
  • The difference between Git and GitHub

Don’t miss the first webinar of 2023 and make sure you stick around for Q&A at the end.