Data Science Demo

About our instructor:

Nicholas Dela FuenteNicholas studied physics and economics at Arizona State University developing software to examine X-ray distributions for CT-scans in order to classify biominerals within the kidney. Nicholas is excited to be pursuing a combination of two long term passions, teaching and data Engineering. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar, coming up with ridiculous ML models, and pretty much anything that involves nature. Ask him about philosophy, traveling, or snowboarding and you will gladly get him off-topic.

Do you constantly hear the word “Pipeline” inside the data world? Well here is a chance to get a basic understanding of what a pipeline is and how to implement one to fit data your needs.

Join us for a practical data science engineering demo: a live session with Nicholas Dela Fuente, a practicing data engineer who will break down the fundamentals of a data pipeline.

Let’s discuss the fundamentals of a data pipeline as well as common practices inside the data community. We will cover when a pipeline is necessary, the technologies that can help us build one, and the different forms a pipeline can take.

You won’t want to miss this! It will break down cloud pipelines, various case studies, and use cases of these pipelines. This will give a powerful overview of the abstract design and development of useful tools.