Data Science Demo

We want to welcome you to join us on for a practical data science demo: a live session with instructor Michael Cullan introducing the how and the why of presenting results in data science.

We’ll cover some common tools and techniques for sharing interactive reports and conducting reproducible research.

In this live, webinar, Michael will show you the steps to:

  • Clean up an exploratory Jupyter notebook into a presentable report
  • Set up a Github repository to share notebooks and software requirements
  • Create a new git branch to update a notebook without modifying the master copy
  • Distribute a report in an interactive form using Binder


The Data Incubator’s Fall 2021 Data Science Program application is now open! In this session, we will also be reviewing the new TDI program offering.

Want to follow along on your own machine? There are a few steps to take care of. If you don’t already have a Github account, make sure you create one before the session begins. You should also ensure you have a Python distribution with conda and Jupyter and that you have installed Github’s command line tool.