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Everyone has it, no one thinks others have it and it seems like no one talks about it. What is it? Imposter syndrome.

TDI is committed to teaching the skills data professionals need to excel in their field, but that doesn’t end with just the technical skills. TDI teaches students how to have confidence in all that they do and helps them gain the personal tools to combat things like imposter syndrome.

We’ve partnered with ODSC to bring you an all-star group of panelists to talk about what imposter syndrome means, how to overcome the self-doubt it brings and how our very own brightest alumni have dealt with it themselves.

About the Panel

Matt ChanMatt Chan | Data Scientist for Big Data at Comcast

Matt Chan graduated from our Summer 2020 cohort. He currently works with the Analytics and Experimentation Data Science Team as Data Scientist for Big Data at Comcast. At Comcast, Matt is the lead data scientist for the Xfinity Flex product team, where they use predictive modeling to provide insight for product design, experimentations, and evaluation. While at TDI, Matt’s project was a dashboard that visualized foreign donations received by US universities over the years. Other projects he’s built on his own between pivoting to a data science career and landing my first job includes a web app that takes midi music files uploaded by users, and passing that through a convolutional neural network that generates string quartet arrangement pdf sheet music. In Matt’s previous career, he worked at a University as a research faculty and administrator managing two research and education centers as an Associate Director. He was responsible for recruitment, scientific outreach, and professional development. In Matt’s past-past life, he studied environmental engineering and chemistry and conducted research in the environmental implication of nanotechnology.

image 4Dr. Andrew Graczyk | Senior Data Scientist at NNData

Dr. Andrew Graczyk completed his PhD in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in December 2017.  His research specialty in game theoretic modeling, Bayesian statistics, and time series analysis allowed him to synthesize novel models to capture adverse incentives responsible for behavior that other models struggle to explain.  Prior to his career in data science, he developed experience working with a wide variety of data and topics from asset bubble formation to housing markets to environmental regulation and agriculture.  As a Senior Data Scientist at NNData, Dr. Graczyk applies his multifaceted experience with data and theory to create robust, flexible, and holistic solutions to problems using cutting-edge machine learning and statistical techniques.

marcos huerta data scientist alumni from TDIMarcos Huerta | PhD, Data Science Manager at CarMax

Marcos Huerta received his PhD in astrophysics from Rice university. After graduating, he spent the next 10 years in Washington DC working in science policy. Marcos transitioned to Data Science in late 2018 by enrolling in The Data Incubator’s Data Science program in Washington DC. He joined Carmax in early 2019 as a senior data scientist and was promoted to data science manager in 2020.