Linear Regression

linear regression

Linear regression is a commonly used technique, and parts of it are often justified by heuristics. In this video, we discuss the assumptions behind linear regression, and we show how it can be derived from statistical principles. We focus on the use of mean squared error as the error metric and regularization terms, showing how […]

Building Practical Pipelines


Do you constantly hear the word “Pipeline” inside the data world? Well here is a chance to get a basic understanding of what a pipeline is and how to implement one to fit data your needs. Watch our instant replay where TDI instructor Nicholas Dela Fuente breaks down the fundamentals of a data pipeline. He’ll […]

Visualizing Geospatial Data in Python


Been itching to pick up a new data science skill? Here’s another chance from TDI’s best and brightest! Watch our on-demand practical data science demo with instructor Ana Hocevar who demonstrated how to visualize geospatial data in Python. She used Python’s Altair library and showed off how to plot maps overlaid with spatial data in […]

Creating a web API


Have you ever wanted to learn how to create a web API? Now’s your chance to learn from the best at TDI and pick up a new data science skill! Watch our Data Science Demo Replay, where Don Fox teaches aspiring data scientists how to create a web API using Flask. In addition, you’ll learn […]

Machine Learning Model

machine learning

Watch our first data science demo of 2022! This session was hosted by TDI instructor and podcast host Ana Hocevar who built a basic natural language machine learning model and deployed it as a simple web app. She covered some common tools and techniques for building a machine learning model in Python and how to […]

Data Analytics Demo

DA demo don thumb

Get the insights into data analytic tools and practices with Part II of our data analytics demo: with instructor Don Fox, which focused on how to build and deploy a reporting application. Don introduces some common tools and techniques focused on how to build and deploy a reporting application. We’ll do some initial exploration of […]

Exploring Data Demo


We’ll introduce some common tools and techniques for exploring data and demonstrate how to use them to answer meaningful questions. In this 30 minute webinar, Michael will show you the steps to: Start with an analytical question, then introduce a data set Perform initial exploration of the data set, including inspecting columns, looking for missing […]

Data Science Demo – Reproducible Research


Instructor Michael Cullan introduces the how and the why of presenting results in data science. We covered some common tools and techniques for sharing interactive reports and conducting reproducible research. Michael showed us the steps to: Clean up an exploratory Jupyter notebook into a presentable report Set up a Github repository to share notebooks and […]