2021 Diversity at The Data Incubator

2021 DEI

TDI supports the next generation of leaders in our industry, and we’re dedicated to growing diversity in the STEM field. We value inclusive and diverse workplaces where we seek a broad range of perspectives and contributions to our industry. Did you know? In the tech world today: Less than 20% of tech jobs are held […]

Day in the Life of a TDI Student

day in the life

Applying to a data bootcamp can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help you understand what you’re getting into. Get a sneak-peek into the schedule of a typical TDI bootcamp student and see what sort of daily tasks you’ll accomplish in our program. Your schedule includes mini-challenges, instructor-led discussions, live lectures and meetings with the […]

Building Practical Pipelines


Do you constantly hear the word “Pipeline” inside the data world? Well here is a chance to get a basic understanding of what a pipeline is and how to implement one to fit data your needs. Watch our instant replay where TDI instructor Nicholas Dela Fuente breaks down the fundamentals of a data pipeline. He’ll […]

Women of Excellence in STEM Scholarship

TDI Womens Excellence Scholarship

TDI is committed to providing opportunities for women in STEM who traditionally make up less than one-third of all employees in the tech sector and just 11% of data scientists. We are here to support the next generation of leaders in our industry, and we are focused on growing diversity within the STEM fields. The […]

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Scholarship

TDI DEI Scholarship

TDI is committed to removing barriers and providing opportunities for women, veterans, LGBTQIA+ and those from racial and ethnic backgrounds who are traditionally underrepresented in data. We are here to support the next generation of leaders in our industry, and we are focused on growing diversity within the STEM fields. The Data Incubator Diversity, Equity […]

Download the Data Curious eBook

TDI The Data Curious eBook Page 01

Download our Data Curious eBook and get the answers to the most common questions as you journey into the world of data. There are a lot of people who are data curious, and they want to learn what a career in data science or data science engineering might be like. Data science is not a […]

Which Data Program is Right for You?

12.14.21 Which Program is Right for you Webinar

Have you ever wondered which data path you should take? Maybe you’ve already determined that you want to work with data in some capacity, but have no idea how to pick from all the career options that are out there. o you choose to become a data scientist? Data engineer? Quantitative analyst? Watch our webinar […]

Data Engineering Fellowship Outline

Data Engineering Outline thumb

Taking the leap and investing the time and resources to learn new skills is scary. But, knowing what to expect can give you confidence in your decision. Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in the Data Engineering Fellowship!  Want more? Check out our data engineering overview webinar here.

Find Your Dream Data Career

Dream Data Career ebook thumb

Tips, Tricks and Tools to Land Your First (or Next) Data Job In this ebook, you’ll learn how to become a highly-sought after data professional as we walk you through the hiring process for a data role from start to finish. Employees at risk of being replaced by automation need to transform themselves into the […]