Student Success with The Data Incubator

TDI Student Success 0223

TDI alumni earn an average base salary of $128k–that’s 24% more than the industry standard of $103k. Some of our students have been offered salaries of $170k or more, and that doesn’t include bonuses! So what does a successful TDI graduate look like? Pretty awesome, if you ask us. Really awesome, if you ask our […]

Financing 101

financing 101

Are you worried about making a career transition in the forecasted recession? Concerned about ending up in a field where layoffs could happen at any time Data isn’t going away, in fact, it’s growing… so there’s never been a better time to get into data science and data engineering for job security! We know that […]

Financing Options from The Data Incubator

TDI financing 2023

The Data Incubator is here to help provide a simpler path to a high-paying data science or data science engineer career—without the financial risks of traditional higher education. Our tuition payment options enable you to fund our quality bootcamps in a way that makes sense for your circumstances, needs, and ambitions. What are you waiting […]

Data Demo: Git and How to Use It

Data Science Demo

Ready to learn some more fundamental data science skills you can utilize on your journey to becoming a data scientist or data engineer? Watch this step-by-step data science demo about Git and how to use it! Git is a version control system; it provides a set of tools to track the evolution of source code. It […]

Data Ethics: What it Is and Why it Matters


Welcome to our webinar about data ethics! Instructor Ana Hocevar discusses what data ethics means and why it matters. Nowadays data is used to deliver insights and drive business decisions, but while that can improve revenue, reduce costs, create new opportunities, identify new ideas, improve customer experience and more, using data comes with responsibilities and ethical […]

Data Demo – Using SQL in Python

sql database

Take your learning on the go during a practical data science demo with instructor Rich Ott. Often, the data we need is in a relational database that we can access with SQL. While it’s possible to use a separate utility to connect to the database and save the data to a file, we’ll want to […]

Fall Alumni AMA (ask me anything)

The Data Incubator Alumni AMA (ask me anything!) Panel

Do you have burning questions about any of our programs and what they might entail? Do you want to hear from real people who have been through our bootcamps and have them spill the details on what they really think? Then watch our latest alumni ask me anything! Our fantastic alumni hosted online discussion to […]

2021 Diversity at The Data Incubator

2021 DEI

TDI supports the next generation of leaders in our industry, and we’re dedicated to growing diversity in the STEM field. We value inclusive and diverse workplaces where we seek a broad range of perspectives and contributions to our industry. Did you know? In the tech world today: Less than 20% of tech jobs are held […]

Data Demo – Python Optimization

man holding note for python

Take your learning on the go during a practical data science demo with instructor Ana Hocevar who will demonstrate optimization in Python. You’ll learn how to use Python’s SciPy library to find an optimum when we have a quantity we want to maximize (such as revenue) or minimize (some cost, an error rate, etc) while subject […]