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is it too late to become a data scientist

Is It Too Late for Me to Become a Data Scientist?

You might think data science is a young person’s game. After all, this is a relatively new discipline that might not have been around when you were in school. But research shows nearly half of all data scientists are 40 years and older. Whatever your age, it’s never too late to pursue your dreams of becoming a qualified data scientist. Learn how to succeed in this profession in this blog.

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marketing to data science career pivot

Marketing to Data Science Career Pivot

At first glance, jumping from marketing to data science might seem absurd. Marketing’s all about promoting products and services to customers, while data science involves generating insights from data, right? But these careers overlap in several ways, so switching to data science isn’t as crazy as you think. In fact, it’s perfectly doable if you’re willing to develop a new skill set to complement the one you already have. We’re going to tell you how to become a data scientist if your background is in marketing.

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storytelling with data

Storytelling with Data

If you plan to become a data scientist, it’s critical to understand the storytelling techniques that will help you present data to marketers, directors, investors and stakeholders. You won’t just tell your audience about algorithms and hard numbers but explain the phenomena behind them. Learn more about data storytelling here.

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