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Data Analytics Program

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Hands-on, intensive data analytics training

A McKinsey survey of over one thousand businesses found that the most pressing skills gap to be addressed was data analytics - with nearly half of respondents saying it was the most urgent priority when it comes to upskilling.

And PwC's 2019 annual CEO survey found that more than 1/3 of CEOs believed skills gaps in data analytics are the most crucial threat for their organization.

Do you have what it takes to save the day?

Choose from our new full-time, 8-week program, or our part-time, 20-week program (evenings only). Both programs cover the same information, are taught by the same instructors, and provide the same hands-on data training. Master the skills and tools you need to help any organization better utilize and understand its data.

Experienced Instructors

Work closely with TDI's experienced data instructors, dedicated to teaching data analytics.

Jumpstart Your Career

Find your first role as a data analyst with our extensive and exciting hiring partner network.

Designed for Working Professionals

Upskill your data analysis with convenient evening courses twice a week over 20 weeks.

Work on Mini Projects

Get hands-on, real-world experience applying the tools employers value to real data sets.

Live Lectures

Our live, virtual training allows you to connect with students and your instructor in real time.

Small Class Sizes

Our class sizes ensure you'll receive personalized attention and feedback during your training.

Who's it for?

The Data Analytics Program is the perfect training for current and recent college and graduate students, working professionals, and data practitioners who are looking to increase data analytics skills and find a career in the in-demand field of data analytics.

So if you:

  • Are an individual in a business where data is vital to the bottom line
  • Are a full-time student looking to expand your knowledge and bolster your skill set for when you enter the business world
  • Work regularly with large data sets and want to make analysis easier and more effective
  • Want to move beyond traditional spreadsheets to uncover powerful insights and trends with your data
  • Need to successfully interpret and present data to a wide variety of audiences
  • Need help finding a lifelong career in a growing field with endless opportunities

Then this class is for you.

When is it?

The Fall application is open June 1 - July 30 and classes will begin September 20.

The full-time program lasts for 8 weeks, Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM ET - 5:00 PM ET and the part-time program lasts for 20 weeks, Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:00 PM ET - 9:30 PM ET. Tell us your preference for full-time or part-time on your application.

What does it cost?

Tuition for the Data Analytics Program is $10,000.

Our Data Analytics Diversity Scholarship is designed to help remove barriers and provide opportunities for women, veterans, LGBTQ+ individuals, and those from racial and ethnic backgrounds who are traditionally underrepresented in data. This full-tuition scholarship is designed to help combat the lack of diversity in tech. Please note that the diversity scholarship is only available for our full time Data Analyst Program.

Looking for financing information? Check out our options here.

Career Services with The Data Incubator

In addition to the in-demand skills and programs you'll learn in our Data Analytics Program, we'll also help you craft your resume and hone your interview skills so you can shine in front of potential employers.

Our career services team will work with you and our pool of hiring partners to find you amazing opportunities you won't see anywhere else. You could be working an exciting new career in a matter of months for a leading company like:

Freddie Mac
Jackson Lewis
Foot Locker
Fresenius Medical Care

About the Data Analytics Program


  • Elementary programming knowledge
  • Familiarity with statistics

Upon completion of this program, you'll be able to:

  • Land an exciting job in the ever-growing field of data
  • Extract, clean, and analyze data using Python
  • Create clear and strong visualizations with Tableau
  • Make better decisions by building predictive models with Python
  • Help your company solve business problems using data-driven insights

Program Outline

Data Wrangling with Python

Between 60-73% of an organization's data is untouched for analysis, leaving valuable opportunities on the table. In this section, you'll learn the Python tools and programs needed to start processing that unused data, distilling key insights and trends, and begin turning that information into easily digestible, business-focused findings. Topics include:

  • Python data structures
  • Python control structures
  • Common file and data formats
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP) in Python
  • NumPy and arrays
  • Ingesting, filtering, and merging data with Pandas
  • Aggregating data with Pandas
  • Handling time series data with Pandas
  • Visualizing data with Pandas and matplotlib
  • String processing with regular expressions


Companies collect data from a number of different places, but they don't all arrive in the same way. In this section, you'll learn how to use Structured Query Language (SQL) to extract and analyze data stored in multiple databases, integrate SQL queries with Python, and begin to process the mountain of untouched data your organization has sitting around. Topics include:

  • Basic queries and filtering data
  • Joining tables
  • Aggregation functions
  • Creating tables and ingesting data
  • Use of temp tables and views
  • Interacting with SQL from Python
  • Uses of SQL outside of RDS

Data Communication

Many business professionals lack the data literacy skills to interpret and understand the insights drawn by data analysts, and aren't comfortable accessing or using the data at their disposal. In this section, you'll use Python and Tableau to create powerful and easy-to-follow visualizations of the data you collect, understand how to best present your findings to different audiences, and find the right problems to solve for your organization. Topics include:

  • Components of visualization
  • The power of different visual cues
  • Exploratory and explanatory visualizations
  • Visualization tools using Python
  • Loading data into Tableau
  • Visualizations with Tableau
  • Choosing the right problems to solve
  • Metrics and levels
  • Communicating results

Machine Learning

Every business leader wishes they could predict the future of their market and their business. With machine learning, you can do just that. In this section, you'll learn the basics of machine learning so that you can start predicting trends that your organization can use to streamline the business. Topics include:

  • Machine learning basics
  • Scikit-learn for machine learning
  • Techniques and metrics of regression
  • Linear regression
  • Overfitting and cross-validation
  • Techniques and metrics of classification
  • Logistic regression
  • Dimensionality reduction with PCA
  • Clustering
  • Feature engineering with transformers

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