What is a Data Scientist?

Why should you take a data scientist with you into the jungle? They can take care of Python problems! This futile attempt at humor reveals just one of the responsibilities of data scientists: They use code to build algorithms and models so they can generate insights from data sets. But being a data scientist involves much more than just programming. Get a comprehensive answer to the question, “What is a data scientist?” below!

What is the Meaning of ‘Data Scientist’? 

Here’s our definition of a data scientist

A data scientist is someone who uses different technologies, tools and techniques to interpret large amounts of data for a business. 

For example, a business might decide to employ a data scientist to help them identify patterns and trends in its data sets so it can save money.  The data scientist might create an algorithm to analyze this data and then use different software tools to view relationships between different data sets. 

Don’t confuse a data scientist with a data engineer, though. The latter creates and builds systems to investigate data at scale for the company they work for. A data scientist then uses those systems to generate insights from data sets. 

The term “data science” originates from the 1960s to describe an emerging profession that interpreted data sets, which were becoming increasingly common at the time. Today, data science can be an extremely lucrative career, with the average salary for a data scientist in the United States now $124,377 a year

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A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist

Every day is different for a data scientist. But, these professionals might spend their time carrying out tasks like: 

  • Identifying the best data sources
  • Gathering data from different systems 
  • Using statistical-related concepts to analyze data
  • Using computer science to analyze data
  • Creating predictive models
  • Presenting data findings to a company’s stakeholders through charts, graphs and other data visualizations

The Benefits of Becoming a Data Scientist

Apart from a high salary, data science can be a rewarding career. Some of the perks of being a data scientist include:

Gaining Satisfaction from Solving Complex Problems

A data scientist is a bit like a police detective. While detectives find out who committed a crime, data scientists find out why something happened — or is going to happen — by analyzing data. So this can be an extremely fun career if you like to solve complicated problems. 

Getting the Opportunity to Work for Different Brands

As a data scientist, you get the chance to work for companies in different sectors. For example, a healthcare company might hire you to help them identify patterns in data to improve patient lives. Or a bank might hire you to analyze its data to improve financial services for customers. 

Unparalleled Career Security

Data science offers lots of career security and a positive job outlook. Many companies are looking for data scientists to examine their data, meaning the best professionals probably won’t find it that hard to land a high-paying job. Even if tools like ChatGPT can perform low-level data science tasks, data scientists are still in high demand. 

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Downsides of Being a Data Scientist

Despite the above benefits, data science has a couple of drawbacks, such as:

It Requires a Unique Skill Set

Not everyone can become a data scientist. In fact, this role demands someone with a passion for interpreting data who can code, understand algorithms and statistical models, comprehend data governance laws and present their data findings to an audience. Luckily, enrolling in a data science program can provide the skills needed to excel in this career.

It Can Be Tough

Data science is not for the faint-hearted! That’s because this job role can be hard at times and involve complex tasks like cleaning data and building accurate models, resulting in long hours. That said, those who enjoy a challenge will certainly relish working in this field! 

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