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Hiring qualified data scientists, data engineers and data analysts is hard. Not only are there more open positions than people to fill them, but it’s also often difficult to find the right level of expertise among applicants.

That’s where The Data Incubator comes in.

We train the best data scientists, data engineers and data analysts available today – with the latest tools and technology they can apply to your data from day one – and ensure they’re ready to use their skills to enhance businesses like yours.

The Benefits of Hiring from Us

When you hire with The Data Incubator, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting highly trained, expert data scientists and data analysts to join your team.

Access to Top Talent

Get first access to great candidates that you won’t find anywhere else in the market, before anyone else.

Save Time and Money

We’ve thoroughly vetted, screened and trained our data candidates, which reduces hiring time and on-the-job training costs

Hire on Your Schedule

Need to fill a position now? Expanding your team next year? Our quarterly cohort ensures you’ll always have access to top talent.

Meet Before You Hire

Informal meet-and-greet sessions allow you to meet our qualified candidates before you pursue them.


About TDI's Hiring Partner Program

As one of our hiring partners, you get exclusive access to our library of available candidates, trained by our experienced instructors. Each candidate has successfully completed a series of detailed projects or an impressive capstone project that showcases their skills and mirrors common business situations, all while using real-world data.

Our team will match you with the best candidates from our program, based on your specific hiring needs. The moment you register, you’ll have access to our resume book, where you can see the quality candidates we have available to you.

And don’t worry – it doesn’t cost a penny to sign up as a hiring partner. You only pay a fee when you hire one of our candidates.

So stop sifting through underwhelming resumes from data dabblers and unqualified applicants.

Find your data scientists at The Data Incubator.

Streamline the Hiring Process

Whether you’re an HR manager who needs guidance to find the right candidate, a director looking to fill out your team with a qualified resource, or a startup in need of top-quality talent, The Data Incubator is here to help.

Take the guesswork out of hiring from job boards and recruiting companies. All of our candidates have been through our rigorous application process, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll have access to highly qualified applicants.

And our intensive, hands-on, business-focused training ensures every candidate is ready to hit the ground running.

Our placement experts will work with you to understand your specific needs and present you with the best options you won’t find anywhere else.



See what some of our hiring partners have to say:

Upskill Your Current Team

Looking for a way to increase your entire data team’s skill set?

Pragmatic Institute, our sister company, offers public and private training with a business-oriented approach, so your data teams are empowered to drive outcomes and propel decision making through critical insights. From Business-Driven Data Analysis to their tailored private training bootcamps, Pragmatic Institute has the training your team needs to succeed.

The same experts that power our fellowships drive Pragmatic’s data courses as well, both public and private.

Hiring Partner FAQs

When you hire from TDI’s pool of exceptional candidates, you’ll pay a percentage fee based on the first-year salary. And if you want to hire multiple TDI graduates, you may receive a discount. Just talk to a placement representative for the full details. You can email us at hiring@thedataincubator.com to learn more.

But it doesn’t cost anything to check out our Alumni Resume Book, which highlights our recent alumni’s resumes.

As often as you need to. We don’t put a cap on the number of candidates you hire from us. And because all of our candidates are successful graduates of our fellowship program, you can rest easy knowing you’ll always get a top quality addition to your team.

We offer cohorts every quarter. We’re currently online only, but hope to return to offering in-person programs in addition soon!

Once you register as a hiring partner, you’ll be set up with our online resume book that includes our current candidates. This allows you to connect with our students and start your search for your next data professional.

You can also join us for one of our networking events and meet our candidates in a fun, group atmosphere.

Only registered hiring partners have access to our current list of candidates. You can check out our Alumni Resume Book anytime, which features resumes of our recent alumni.

To put it simply, we’re not a recruiting firm. We’re an organization that trains and places exceptional data scientists and data analysts.

We work with you to understand your specific data hiring needs, and then match you with candidates we’ve trained ourselves.

And those are the only candidates we’ll show you. We only look to place those who have successfully completed our intensive training program and are ready to use their data expertise in the business world for an organization like yours. We can vouch for the quality of every candidate we place – because we’ve trained them.

Unlike other bootcamps, The Data Incubator is focused on ensuring our students are prepared to hit the ground running when they enter the workforce.

As a key component to our rigorous, intensive, full-time program, our students complete a series of business-focused projects to showcase their mastery of the skills they’ve learned. Candidates of our Data Science Fellowship also complete a capstone project of their choosing using real-world, public data sets.

You can feel confident that the students who graduate from The Data Incubator have been well trained, and are highly qualified to put their skills to work for you.

Of course! Just talk to your placement representative about upcoming networking events. You do need to register as a hiring partner first, but we can help you with that.

Visit PragmaticInstitute.com to learn about the different courses available to upskill your current team.

Pragmatic Institute’s data practice helps organizations leverage data to drive business success through high-impact training. Visit PragmaticInstitute.com/Data to learn more. Private training is also available for your team’s specific needs.

Pragmatic Institute’s data course, Data Science for Business Leaders, will show you how to translate data insights into business strategy and make informed decisions while solving your organization’s problems.


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