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Data Science in 30 Minutes: The Podcast

Have you heard the news? Our popular Data Science in 30 Minutes webcast series is now a podcast!

You'll still get the same great resources, tips, and tricks, twice a month in our new podcast series.

Our hosts - and TDI instructors - Nicholas Cifuentes-Goodbody and Gonzalo Diaz will attempt to discuss a current and exciting data science topic in only 30 minutes. See how badly they fail to stick to that time limit in each new episode.

Nicholas and Gonzalo will be joined by a variety of exciting guests, including other data science instructors, current participants in our Fellowship program, industry experts, and data scientists from some of your favorite companies and organizations.

Make sure you download our podcast - available on all major podcast outlets, including Apple Podcasts - and follow us for new updates and episodes each month.

Think you'd make a good guest for our show, or have a topic idea you'd love to hear Nicholas and Gonzalo cover? Tweet us at @TheDataInc with hashtag #DS30 and let us know!