Alumni Capstone Porfolios

Here at TDI, we set students up for success. Every student will graduate with a capstone portfolio, which showcases a real-world project they’ve been working on through the program and have built out with newfound skills and datasets to show off what they’ve learned during their time here.

Check out some of our amazing alumni and their portfolios below! 

Spark Your Imagination: Recent Alumni Capstone Portfolios

samuel lederer
Samuel Ledere

Project: Recipe Adapter

claire healy
Claire Healy-Leavitt

Project: Identifying Monarch Life Stages

jason dahl
Jason Dahl

Project: Predicting Success in Physics 1

marc macleod
Marc MacLeod

Project: Brewery Finder

Yua Hung Lin King
Yuan-Hung Lin King

Project: FoodieWith

david lam
David Lam

Project: Identifying Outliers in California's High Schools

andy vong
Andy Vong

Project: Content-Based Music Recommendations

Lingjing Liu
Lingjing Lui

Project: Text to Flowchart

jose cuan
Jose Cuan

Project: ETL Pipeline for YouTube Data

Andrew galperin
Andrew Galperin

Project: Blind Value Investing

Our alumni earn 24% more than the industry standard

Alumni from our program make an average base salary of $128,000 (and up to $170k), not including bonuses. That’s 24% more than the industry standard for a data scientist across the country. 
Source: Data reported from students that completed TDI’s Data Bootcamps in 2022, compared to corresponding market data reported on Glassdoor in January 2023.
0 %
of our students are employed within 6 months of completing the program
0 %
of our students are currently employed outside of academia
0 %
of jobs are found through your network—we'll help you expand your world

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