Have you had any burning questions about our programs and what they might entail? Do you want to hear from real people who have been through our fellowships and have them spill the details on what they really think?

Then watch our most recent Alumni Ask Me Anything Panel!

Our fantastic alumni hosted an online discussion to answer tons of questions about TDI – from the application to the coding challenge, to how to ace an interview and their favorite parts about the program. Hear candid stories about their time with TDI as they answered questions that people just like you asked during the live!

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About our alumni guests:

Adam GiffordAdam Gifford, Principal Data Scientist @ BehaVR – Winter 2021 Cohort

Adam received his PhD in neuroscience from the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied how humans perceive sound utilizing complex statistical and machine-learning algorithms on behavioral and neurophysiological data. After graduating, he went on to a postdoctoral position at the University of Louisville where he built and managed the experimental and analytics protocols for a newly formed research lab studying human cognition and action control in Parkinson’s patients using single-neuron and population-based analysis techniques. Adam’s strong desire to use his statistical and programming skills to solve more real-world problems led him to attend The Data Incubator’s Winter 2021 Data Science Fellowship. The Fellowship taught him the industry-standard tools and techniques that enabled him to make his industry transition into data science, where he is currently the Principal Data Scientist and BehaVR, a digital-health startup using virtual reality to educate, motivate, and activate healthy behaviors.

Trey williamsTrey Williams, Data Scientist @ McKesson – Fall 2021 Cohort

Trey Williams is a Boston (Roxbury) Native and attended Northeastern University. He obtained the title of Double Husky after completing both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the prestigious university. During his graduate studies, he saw a chance to apply his unique perspective, critical thinking skills, and entrepreneurial mindset to various projects and tasks. As a result, he decided to create a place to showcase my thoughts, ideas, and projects. Trey has aspired to become a data scientist for quite some time and was recently hired by McKesson and will be joining their data science team. Trey is striving to create more opportunities for POC in STEM.

Robert SchabingerRobert Schabinger, Navigational Analyst  @ DCI Solutions – Winter 2021 Cohort

Robert developed a web application at The Data Incubator that allows users to select a summary of Amazon.com product reviews in real time, effectively dealing with the proliferation of incentivized reviews on Amazon and providing consumers with a useful alternative to Amazon’s native product review presentation formats. Robert recently left his position as a theoretical high-energy particle physics researcher, and  is now employed as a data scientist by DCI Solutions, a military contractor stationed at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Robert’s research focuses on using machine learning to develop cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

Robert ZupanRobert Zupan, Data Scientist @ Afiniti – Winter 2021 Cohort

Robert studied civil engineering at the University of Pittsburgh and received his PhD with a focus in Computational Mechanics. After graduating Robert did a brief postdoc which focused on finite element analysis of pavement roads as well as some teaching opportunities at the University of Pittsburgh. Robert’s experience with data analysis and programming during his PhD/postdoc lead him to pursue the field of data science. Robert attended the winter 2021 cohort of The Data Incubator and learned the necessary skills to thrive in the data science field. At the end of his cohort Robert accepted a position at Afiniti where he develops and maintains statistical models for optimizing agent-customer interactions. Robert is currently celebrating 1 year at Afiniti.