You asked, we listened! We’ve gotten lots of requests to learn more about SQL, so thought it was time to feature a data demo on how to explore SQL with other tools.

SQL databases are great tools for data analysis, but traditional SQL database engines are overkill for personal use. SQLite is a powerful engine for personal use, but it provides only a command-line interface.

The Datasette project steps into this gap, providing a web-based graphical interface for SQL databases. Simple database queries can be executed via a point-and-click interface. Datasette will show the SQL queries it develops, and you can edit and run further queries. This provides a nice way to ease into writing SQL.

In this demo, Robert will demonstrate the installation and use of Datasette, as well as how it can be used to share your database safely with the world.

About our Instructor:

Robert-Schroll-headshotRobert studied squishy physics in Chicago, Amherst, and Santiago, Chile, before uniting his love of computers, teaching, and making pretty graphs at The Data Incubator. In his free time, he plays tuba and right field, usually not simultaneously.

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