Take your learning on the go during a practical data science demo with instructor Ana Hocevar who will demonstrate optimization in Python.
You’ll learn how to use Python’s SciPy library to find an optimum when we have a quantity we want to maximize (such as revenue) or minimize (some cost, an error rate, etc) while subject to some form of constraints.
In this data demo, Ana will show you the steps to:
  • perform simple optimization when our optimization problem is not subject to any constraints
  • use linear programming – solve optimization subject to linear constraints
  • perform nonlinear optimization in cases when the constraints or the objective function are nonlinear

About our Instructor:

Ana HocevarAna obtained her PhD in Physics before becoming a postdoctoral fellow at the Rockefeller University where she worked on developing and implementing an underwater touchscreen for dolphins. Now she combines her love for coding and teaching as a Data Scientist in Residence. She spends her free time doing pottery, sometimes climbing, and every now and then scuba diving.

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