Welcome to our webinar about data ethics! Instructor Ana Hocevar discusses what data ethics means and why it matters.
Nowadays data is used to deliver insights and drive business decisions, but while that can improve revenue, reduce costs, create new opportunities, identify new ideas, improve customer experience and more, using data comes with responsibilities and ethical challenges.
In this webinar, Ana discusses:
  • What moral obligations data ethics encompasses and why every analyst and data scientist should care
  • Principles of data ethics together with best practices
  • How data ethics relates to the use of machine-learning algorithms

About our Instructor:

Ana HocevarAna obtained her PhD in Physics before becoming a postdoctoral fellow at the Rockefeller University where she worked on developing and implementing an underwater touchscreen for dolphins. Now she combines her love for coding and teaching as a Data Scientist in Residence. She spends her free time doing pottery, sometimes climbing, and every now and then scuba diving.

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