Do you have burning questions about any of our programs and what they might entail? Do you want to hear from real people who have been through the data science fellowship and have them spill the details on what they really think?

Then watch our most recent Alumni Ask Me Anything Panel!

Our fantastic alumni hosted an online discussion to answer tons of questions about TDI – from the application, to the coding challenge, to how to ace an interview. Hear candid stories about their time with TDI as they answered questions that people just like you asked during the live!

About our alumni guests:

Matt ChanMatt Chan

Hi, I’m Matt Chan, and I was part of the East Coast Data Science Cohort in summer 2020. I currently work with the Analytics and Experimentation Data Science Team as Data Scientist for Big Data at Comcast. At Comcast, I’m the lead data scientist for the Xfinity Flex product team, where we use predictive modeling to provide insight for product design, experimentations, and evaluation. Other projects I’ve build on my own between pivoting to a data science career and landing my first job includes a web app that takes midi music files uploaded by users, and passing that through a convolutional neural network that generates string quartet arrangement pdf sheet music. In my past career, I worked at a University as a research faulty and administrator managing two research and education centers as an Associate Director.

Andrew GrazykAndrew Grazyk

I am a trained data scientist with a PhD. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I am currently a Senior Data Scientist at Cova Strategies, LLC, and use my mathematical, statistical, and game theoretic knowledge to design analytics to help our clients recognize patterns, see problems, and make decisions faster than would otherwise be possible. In particular, I have worked on several DARPA-funded research projects, as well as customer facing products using custom trained machine learning models, NLP, network graph analytics, and more.

Hidefusa OkabeHidefusa Okabe

I currently serve as a full-time data analyst consultant at Evernorth Health Services. I also serve as a part-time statistician (weekends) and teaching fellow (occasional evenings) at Harvard University, and have also taught a graduate-level introductory statistics class as a lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology earlier in 2021. My work draws from the social sciences, clinical sciences, data sciences, and most recently, business administration. I enjoy helping people learn how to choose from a variety of tools to synthesize insights that translate into meaningful, practical, and impactful applications.

Michael WoollsMichael Woolls

Dr. Michael Woolls has a PhD in Physics from the University of California, Riverside. He studied percolation theory and how it relates to quantum error correcting codes. His work centered around monte-carlo simulations on large hyper-graphs. After graduating he got a job at Boeing working as a navigational analyst.