Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions: what is data science? What does a data scientist even do? What’s the best way to launch a data science career?

Skip the vague google search and get the answers you’re looking for with our webinar from our data science instructor, Rich Ott, who’s been in your shoes before.

In this webinar replay, we review:

  • What data science means nowadays and what a data scientist really does
  • Which skills you should know before you start, and what skills you’ll learn in the middle of your journey
  • What is the “right” way to learn those skills and tools
  • How to break into the data science field and land an interview
  • What does TDI bring to the table in all this?
  • Answered all the questions our attendees had! 

Have a question that didn’t get answered? We’re always here to help! Get in touch with our admissions team to get the answers you need.