Watch our webinar on what it means to be a TDI Fellow in our data programs and the best way to prepare yourself to earn one of these coveted tuition-free spots. During our webinar, we reviewed some of the key points on how to set yourself apart from other candidates and shine through as a well-rounded qualified candidate for our fellow program.

We discussed:

  • What experience you’ll need in programming
  • How to pick a capstone project with purpose
  • Why the ability to turn an idea or project into code or iterative design is imperative
  • The best ways to pitch yourself (ie: location flexibility, our best interview tips and how to discuss your education)


Quick reminder, we view applications on a first-come, first-served basis and when you apply early, you get access to our priority enrollment package where you can earn up to $2k off tuition and get early access to our resume review services.