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Mission Statement

The Data Incubator’s immersive data science and data engineering fellowships were designed for those with a passion for data looking to take the business world by storm.

We don’t just give you the tools you need to succeed in the business world—we help you find your first or next data role.

Important Updates:

We’re returning to in-person classes in January 2022!

Our first in-person course since 2020 will be hosted in Berkeley, California for the winter cohort. We can’t wait to see you face-to-face again and we look forward to hosting more in-person classes soon.

Upcoming Events

First Live Data Science Demo of 2022!

Join us for our first data science demo of the year! This live session will be hosted with TDI instructor and podcast host Ana Hovecar who will build a basic natural language machine learning model and deploy it as a simple web app.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in STEM

Everyone has it, no one thinks others have it and it seems like no one talks about it. What is it? Imposter syndrome. We’ve partnered with ODSC to bring you an all-star group of panelists to talk about what imposter syndrome means, how to overcome it and how alumni have dealt with it.


See what some of our alumni have to say about their experiences at The Data Incubator

newton Le, data scientist at twitter cortext

“I was sheltered in the world of academia when I applied to be a TDI fellow. Now, after working for many years in industry, I’ve really come to appreciate the meticulous choices TDI made in its training program that made the transition seamless. From communicating with Slack, to coding exercises on Hackerrank, interview training, to exposure to a variety of relevant technologies—all of this experience I’ve utilized one way or another on the job.”

Newton Le
Twitter Cortex
Xia Hong, LinkedIn data scientist

“Completing mini-projects on diverse and up-to-date topics really helped me to be confident about how to apply my technical skills to solve problems in practical situations. The hands-on experience from end to end, specifically the relevance of the techniques to that in industry, is going to be a long-term benefit for me and certainly for any previous and current student.”

Xia Hong
Brian Farris, Capital One data scientist

“The most valuable thing I got out of The Data Incubator was the ability to meet people from industry through the partner panels and happy hours. [It] was an extremely efficient way to do a lot of networking in a short amount of time, which greatly increases the chance of finding a job. It is much easier to initiate a dialogue with a hiring partner if you have already met someone from the company.”

Brian Farris
Capital One

The Future of Data Science

The Data Science Fellowship from The Data Incubator is an immersive, hands-on experience for those with a passion for data. The time you spend here is going to be tough. It’s going to be rigorous. It’s going to be amazing. Designed by experienced data science instructors and with feedback from industry partners, TDI’s data science program helps you master in-demand skills so you can launch your career in data science. Each section of the program includes several projects that will shape your data science skills. There are two versions of the program: a full-time, 8-week program, and a part-time, 20-week program. Both programs cover the same information, are taught by the same instructors and provide the same hands-on data training.

Data Engineering

The Data Engineering Fellowship is an immersive course meant to bridge the gap between the computer sciences and data engineering. You’ll master the skills needed to design better data models, build data infrastructures, and effortlessly maintain data. Designed for those with a computer science or software engineering background who have a passion for improving productivity with data and enjoy the challenge of the constantly evolving sources of semi-structured data. You’ll work on projects that showcase your world-class skills using complex datasets to solve the increasing gap in businesses data teams. Choose the data that sparks your interest and build a platform that shows off your mastery of data engineering to future employers with a capstone portfolio.

woman in data engineering
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Pay only your deposit until employed*

* With our ISA Program you’ll pay only your deposit until you’re employed and making a certain threshold. Check out our FAQ for more information about the ISA program and other financial aid options.

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Hire The Best

Hiring qualified data scientists and data engineers is hard. Not only are there more open positions than people to fill them, but it’s also often difficult to find the right level of expertise among applicants.

That’s where The Data Incubator comes in.

We train the best data scientists and data engineers available today—with the latest tools and technology they can apply to your data from day one—and ensure they’re ready to use their skills to enhance businesses like yours.


TDI Thought Leadership

Stay up-to-date on industry news from our data experts.

xmas tree with circuit

Using Data Science to Choose the Perfect Holiday Gift

It’s that most magical time of the year. Cheeks are 23% rosier week over week, sleigh-bell tinkling is up a remarkable 285% over the previous month, and Santa’s elves are busily vacuuming their Christmas-wish databases. And all of us are trying to find that perfect holiday gift.

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Data Science in 30 Minutes: The Podcast​

Download our data science podcast, Data Science in 30 Minutes, where our hosts tackle hot data science topics. Join Data Incubator instructors and our hosts Ana Hocevar and Michael Cullan as they chat with data experts, TDI alumni, other instructors and guests about the latest topics in data science.


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