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Program FAQs

TDI isn’t your typical program. We work hard to ensure that we offer the best training from the best instructors, using the latest tools and real-world data so you can feel confident when you step into your new job in data.

  • Cohort-style program. Make the transition from academia to the business world, or enhance your data skills while you work with an excited and exceptional peer group. We aim to keep our cohorts intimate, to maximize your interaction with instructors.
  • Hands-on experience. All of the projects you complete in the program are designed to give you experience with real data sets while solving real business problems.
  • Accessible instructors. Every section has a dedicated data instructor to lead discussions and assist students.
  • Mentorship from industry leaders. Learn from alumni and senior data scientists and data analysts while you build your professional network.
  • A large network of hiring partners. We work with a number of actively-hiring partner companies each cohort to help find you your dream career—and not just another job.

To apply to the Data Science or the Data Engineering programs, you’ll need to possess these requirements:

  • A master’s degree or PhD completed before the beginning of the program, or a PhD that will be completed within 3 months of finishing the program, or a Bachelor’s degree with extensive data-related work experience
  • Some prior programming experience
  • A foundational knowledge of statistics
  • Proficiency in the English language

If you’ve got all that, then you’re eligible to apply for the Data Science program.

To apply to the Data Analytics program, you’ll need to possess these requirements:

  • Elementary programming knowledge
  • Familiarity with statistics
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in a STEM-related field
  • Proficiency in the English language

If you’ve got all that, then you’re eligible to apply for the Data Analytics program.

To put it plainly, yes. We require all applicants to be familiar with at least one programming language to apply. The Data Science and the Data Engineering program application also requires applicants to take a coding challenge before getting accepted into the program.

While the programs emphasize Python, many of our applicants have experience with other languages, and have varying degrees of coding experience.

  • For our Data Science applicants, they usually have a strong background in probability, statistics, and experience with programming, scripting, or statistical packages.
    • We’ve had successful applicants with degrees in political science, economics, computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry and more.
  • For our Data Engineering applicants, they should have a strong background in computer science, software development, and experience with programming.
  • For our Data Analytics applicants, we look for students who work with large data sets and want to make analysis easier, those who want to move beyond traditional spreadsheets or those who are looking to find a career in the field of data analytics.
  • Data Science Essentials is meant for students who are looking to learn essential data science skills, who may be new to Python and are looking for a more robust learning program, those interested in learning the fundamentals of quantitative analysis or who are looking to apply to the Data Science Fellowship.

To attend any of our programs, tuition is $10,000.

For those paying in cash for the Data Science or the Data Engineering programs, we offer two discount options:

  • $2,000 for those who apply during our early admissions time frame
  • $1,000 for those who apply during our regular admissions time frame

For those paying in cash for the Data Analytics program, we offer the following discount:

  • $1,000 for those who apply during our regular admissions time frame

Financing is available through Ascent or other lenders of your choice.

We also offer income sharing, where you don’t pay anything for tuition until you start your career and are earning over a certain threshold. Income sharing is an agreement between you, The Data Incubator, and our partner, Leif. Check out the details under the question “What is income sharing?”

If you’re placed with one of our hiring partners after your training, we’ll refund 50% of your tuition*.

A limited number of scholarships are available for the full-time data science program and we offer a diversity scholarship for our full-time data analytics program. Check out the details under the question “Do you offer scholarships?” to learn more.

We encourage you to put your best foot forward during your application for a chance to earn one of these coveted scholarships.

*Participants who use Ascent or Income Sharing Agreements to finance their participation are not eligible for the 50% placement refund.

You bet your spreadsheets we do! There are scholarships for all of our programs.

Data Science or Data Engineering Program

We proudly offer a small number of full-tuition scholarships for these two programs. These tuition-free spots are only available for the full-time program. All applicants will be considered for the scholarship and we will select individuals we believe to be the most highly qualified.

Data Analytics Program

The Data Incubator is dedicated to removing barriers and providing opportunities for those traditionally underrepresented in data. The goal of the Data Analyst Diversity Scholarship is to combat the lack of diversity in tech. Full-time applicants to the Data Analytics program who are eligible can apply to our Data Analyst Diversity Scholarship.

Learn more by contacting us at

Absolutely. This program is a great opportunity for you to improve your skills for your current organization. If you need help convincing your boss to pay for your training, use this letter to get started.


Great question.

Income sharing is an agreement between you, The Data Incubator, and our partner, Leif. You attend the program with the understanding that you’ll pay back your tuition after you’ve completed the program and have a job where you’re earning at least $40,000 per year.

This way, you don’t have to worry about paying your tuition until after you’re working. And we’ll provide you with all the support you need to land a role in the data world.

Income sharing is currently only available to individuals with a US Social Security number.

If you decide to participate in income sharing, your monthly payments will begin after you complete the program and begin your job, and will be based on a percentage of your income.

If you have more questions about income sharing, contact Leif at 646-760-3318, or email them directly at

Yes! We’ve partnered with Ascent to provide our students with simple, flexible loan options to fit your needs.

Ascent offers 3 different loan payment options:

  • Deferred Repayment: Make no payments while you attend TDI and for three months after.
  • Interest Only Repayment: Make low, interest-only payments while attending TDI and for three months after the program.
  • Immediate Repayment: Start paying your loan back one month after your TDI program begins.


To apply, you’ll need to meet these requirements:

  • You are a US citizen or permanent resident*
  • You have an established, healthy credit history and no outstanding educational loan defaults
  • You are accepted to and enrolled in TDI’s fellowship program

*If you are a non-US citizen or permanent resident, or you have DACA status, you are still eligible to apply with a creditworthy cosigner who is a US citizen or permanent resident.

Learn more here!

Tuition for Data Science Essentials is $2,895. But if you purchase your class before the early application deadline you will get a $1,400 discount.

A $1,400 discount is available for groups registering with 3 or more attendees!

To ensure the safety of our faculty, staff, and students, we are currently only offering online options for our courses. We will resume in-person programs when it is safe to do so.

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll get a job right after completing the program, we’ll do our best to help you begin your new career in the data world. More than 80% of our graduates are employed within 6 months of completing the program; the odds are definitely in your favor.

Our alumni are hard at work as data scientists and data analysts at some of today’s leading companies, but you can check out some of our alumni spotlights to learn more about our graduates.

And, if you’re admitted to our program, you’ll have a chance to speak with some of our alumni during information sessions.

We certainly do.

Data Science Essentials is an online, part-time class that provides you with the data skills you need to do more with your data and prepare you for the Fellowship program.

You can learn more about the class here.

Hiring Partner FAQs

When you hire from TDI’s pool of exceptional candidates, you’ll pay a percentage fee based on the first-year salary. And if you want to hire multiple TDI graduates, you may receive a discount. Just talk to a placement representative for the full details. You can email us at to learn more.

But it doesn’t cost anything to check out our Alumni Resume Book, which highlights our recent alumni’s resumes.

As often as you need to. We don’t put a cap on the number of candidates you hire from us. And because all of our candidates are successful graduates of our fellowship program, you can rest easy knowing you’ll always get a top quality addition to your team.

We offer cohorts every quarter. We’re currently online only, but hope to return to offering in-person programs in addition soon!

Once you register as a hiring partner, you’ll be set up with our online resume book that includes our current candidates. This allows you to connect with our students and start your search for your next data professional.

You can also join us for one of our networking events and meet our candidates in a fun, group atmosphere.

Only registered hiring partners have access to our current list of candidates. You can check out our Alumni Resume Book anytime, which features resumes of our recent alumni.

To put it simply, we’re not a recruiting firm. We’re an organization that trains and places exceptional data scientists and data analysts.

We work with you to understand your specific data hiring needs, and then match you with candidates we’ve trained ourselves.

And those are the only candidates we’ll show you. We only look to place those who have successfully completed our intensive training program and are ready to use their data expertise in the business world for an organization like yours. We can vouch for the quality of every candidate we place – because we’ve trained them.

Unlike other bootcamps, The Data Incubator is focused on ensuring our students are prepared to hit the ground running when they enter the workforce.

As a key component to our rigorous, intensive, full-time program, our students complete a series of business-focused projects to showcase their mastery of the skills they’ve learned. Candidates of our Data Science Fellowship also complete a capstone project of their choosing using real-world, public data sets.

You can feel confident that the students who graduate from The Data Incubator have been well trained, and are highly qualified to put their skills to work for you.

Of course! Just talk to your placement representative about upcoming networking events. You do need to register as a hiring partner first, but we can help you with that.


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