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The Next Chapter in Data Science Training

We are excited to announce an upcoming series of semi-technical data courses and two new data certification programs from our partner company, Pragmatic Institute. Available in 2024, these courses are designed for data professionals aiming to sharpen their skills and beginners eager to break into the data science field.  

While the name may be different, you will receive the same excellent hands-on technical data training you’ve come to expect. And although we are no longer accepting applications for our Data Science or Data Engineering Bootcamps, you can sign up for updates on the exciting offerings coming in 2024.

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Sign up for Updates

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The Data Incubator Evolution

In 2019, The Data Incubator officially became a part of Pragmatic Institute, the authority on comprehensive product management, product marketing, and data science training. Founded in 1993 as Pragmatic Marketing, Pragmatic Institute has helped over 200,000 students from more than 9,000 companies across 26 countries and countless industries refine and perfect their corporate strategies. Featuring world-class instructors and trusted by leading companies around the world, Pragmatic Institute is proud to be a leader in data science training.


In 2019, The Data Incubator officially became a part of Pragmatic Institute. For a time it continued to operate under its original name, but starting in 2024 it will continue under the Pragmatic Institute. We’re still here to help you reach your career goals by offering cutting-edge training with world-class instructors. View our new data science classes here.
Established in 1993 under the name Pragmatic Marketing, Pragmatic Institute is renowned for providing high-caliber training in product management, product marketing, and data science. By leveraging the knowledge of instructors that have years of executive-level experience with organizations like Cisco, Texas Instruments, Dun & Bradstreet, Hallmark and more, Pragmatic Institute provides hands-on training and real-world results. With over 200,000 students from more than 9,000 companies worldwide, Pragmatic Institute is considered the gold-standard in professional training.

Absolutely you can! While our courses continue to evolve to reflect changing technology and market needs, we remain dedicated to providing the best in data science training.

Current course topics include, but are not limited to data wrangling, AI and machine learning, distributed computing and advanced data storage architectures.