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Whether you’re interested in data science, data engineering or brushing up your python skills, we have a program for you. Each of our programs include projects that showcase your newly learned skills. Plus, you’ll work with real data for each project to solve actual business problems.

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Data Science


An immersive data science bootcamp for those with STEM degrees and a passion for data looking to take the business world by storm. Choose from our full-time, 8-week program, or our new part-time, 20-week program  when you apply.


Data Engineering

woman in data engineering

This program is ideal for those with a computer science or software engineering background who have a passion for improving productivity with data and enjoy the challenge of the constantly evolving sources of semi-structured data. 

TDI DataEngineering

Data Essentials


Paused! We’re revamping our essentials content to bring you the best courses we can. Stay tuned as we focus on how AI is changing the data landscape and how we can deliver the courses you need today


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