Marcos used TDI’s Data Science Fellowship to Make a Career Change and Earn 6 Figures

This article was originally written by Robin Maddell and published on INSIDER. You can read the full articled here.

marcos huertaDespite having a PhD in astrophysics, Marcos Huerta, 43, based in Richmond, Virginia, found himself unemployed and struggling to find positions in his field. So he signed up for The Data Incubator’s data science fellowship in fall 2018. Later that same year, he was hired as a data scientist at CarMax with a six-figure salary.

He told Insider the boot camp helped him quickly and successfully switch careers to tech.

“I was looking to broaden the positions and localities where I could find work,” Huerta said. “Had the perfect noncoding job come up, I would have still considered it, but I wanted more options to find a stable job at a good company.”

Huerta shared his story with Insider and advice for others looking to attend a boot camp.

We’re always here to guide you through your data journey! If you have any questions, please contact our admissions team to chat about how we can help you find your data path just like Marcos did.

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