The Data Incubator Alumni AMA (ask me anything!) Panel

About our Alumni:

Trey williamsTrey Williams | Data Scientist at McKesson

Trey Williams is a Boston (Roxbury) Native and attended Northeastern University. He obtained the title of Double Husky after completing both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the prestigious university. During his graduate studies, he saw a chance to apply his unique perspective, critical thinking skills, and entrepreneurial mindset to various projects and tasks. As a result, he decided to create a place to showcase his thoughts, ideas, and projects. Trey has aspired to become a data scientist for quite some time and was recently hired by McKesson and joined their data science team. Trey is striving to create more opportunities for POC in STEM.

Barbara ZemskovaI have a PhD in Physical Oceanography from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and my research background is in physics and computational fluid dynamics. After graduating from UNC, I worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Toronto and now I am a post-doctoral fellow at the Oregon State University. I have extensive experience in data analysis and mathematical modeling, including work on several different high-performance computing (HPC) clusters. I have worked on numerous projects involving big data, ranging from building machine learning models using satellite data to high-resolution numerical simulations. One of my most recent projects of a new deep learning model estimating ocean carbon resulted in an upcoming publication in the prestigious Nature Communications.

Matt ChanMatt Chan | Data Scientist for Big Data at Comcast

Matt Chan graduated from our Summer 2020 cohort. He currently works with the Analytics and Experimentation Data Science Team as Data Scientist for Big Data at Comcast. At Comcast, Matt is the lead data scientist for the Xfinity Flex product team, where they use predictive modeling to provide insight for product design, experimentations, and evaluation. While at TDI, Matt’s project was a dashboard that visualized foreign donations received by US universities over the years. Other projects he’s built on his own between pivoting to a data science career and landing his first job that included a web app that takes midi music files uploaded by users, and passing that through a convolutional neural network that generates string quartet arrangement pdf sheet music. In Matt’s previous career, he worked at a University as a research faculty and administrator managing two research and education centers as an Associate Director. He was responsible for recruitment, scientific outreach, and professional development. In Matt’s past-past life, he studied environmental engineering and chemistry and conducted research in the environmental implication of nanotechnology.

What does diversity, equity & inclusion really mean? And what does it entail for the world of STEM and those of us who are immersed in it?

We’re committed to fostering a diverse community here at TDI and it’s important that marginalized voices are heard within our unique platform. With the launch of our newest Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Scholarships, we wanted to take a moment to show off our amazing alumni and lift the voices of those who may not always be prominently seen in the data world.

So register for this special AMA (ask me anything) as we focus on diversity, equity & inclusion in data with a panel of fantastic alumni who will tell us their unique perspectives and what it means to be part of the diverse revolution in STEM.