Github’s REST API

api webinar

We’re back again with a new data demo to teach you some fundamental skills you can utilize on your journey as a data scientist (or data engineer). Maybe you’ve heard the term Web APIs in your research, but for those just starting out, Web APIs are a way of communicating and obtaining data from web-based […]

Earn a Full-Tuition Ride at TDI

full ride at tdi webinar

Are you worried about the next step in your data career? Or whether or not you can afford what you want in a data bootcamp? What if we told you that you can attend The Data Incubator’s Fellowship programs for free? Yes, we said free! We offer full-tuition scholarships to the best and brightest that […]

Linear Regression

linear regression

Linear regression is a commonly used technique, and parts of it are often justified by heuristics. In this video, we discuss the assumptions behind linear regression, and we show how it can be derived from statistical principles. We focus on the use of mean squared error as the error metric and regularization terms, showing how […]

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion AMA


What does diversity, equity & inclusion really mean? And what does it entail for the world of STEM and those of us who are immersed in it? We’re committed to fostering a diverse community here at TDI and it’s important that marginalized voices are heard within our unique platform. With the launch of our newest […]

Download our Data Science & Engineering Curriculum Syllabus

DE Curriculum

Download our Data Science & Engineering Curriculum Syllabus and learn more about what sets us apart from other bootcamps. Below you’ll find a sneak peek at our first module – expect to see each of our learning modules with the full gambit of what you’ll learn in each. We offer practical and actionable training that […]

Women of Excellence in STEM Scholarship

TDI Womens Excellence Scholarship

TDI is committed to providing opportunities for women in STEM who traditionally make up less than one-third of all employees in the tech sector and just 11% of data scientists. We are here to support the next generation of leaders in our industry, and we are focused on growing diversity within the STEM fields. The […]

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Scholarship

TDI DEI Scholarship

TDI is committed to removing barriers and providing opportunities for women, veterans, LGBTQIA+ and those from racial and ethnic backgrounds who are traditionally underrepresented in data. We are here to support the next generation of leaders in our industry, and we are focused on growing diversity within the STEM fields. The Data Incubator Diversity, Equity […]

Download the Data Curious eBook

TDI The Data Curious eBook Page 01

Download our Data Curious eBook and get the answers to the most common questions as you journey into the world of data. There are a lot of people who are data curious, and they want to learn what a career in data science or data science engineering might be like. Data science is not a […]

Visualizing Geospatial Data in Python


Been itching to pick up a new data science skill? Here’s another chance from TDI’s best and brightest! Watch our on-demand practical data science demo with instructor Ana Hocevar who demonstrated how to visualize geospatial data in Python. She used Python’s Altair library and showed off how to plot maps overlaid with spatial data in […]