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Frequently Asked Questions

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Fellowship Application Questions

That depends. Do you possess the following requirements?

  • A Master's degree or PhD, either already completed or in the process of being completed
  • Some prior programming experience
  • A foundational knowledge of statistics
  • Proficiency in the English language

If you've got all that, then you're eligible to apply.

To put it plainly, yes. We require all applicants to be familiar with at least one programming language to apply.

While the program emphasizes Python, many of our applicants have experience with other languages, and have varying degrees of coding experience.

Our applicants usually have a strong background in probability, statistics, and experience with programming, scripting, or statistical packages.

We've had successful applicants with degrees in political science, economics, computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and more.

We love our international students! But we don't sponsor visas.

For information about visas, we recommend you talk to an immigration attorney. To the best of our understanding, you can participate in the program if you have a visa that grants work authorization, like H-1B, TN, L-1B visas or F-1 student on Optional Practical Training (OPT) so long as the program is incidental to your status. Or if you have any visa that allows you to be in the country to attend meetings (like a visa status that allows for participation in professional seminars and/or non-academic, short course of study such as the B-1 visitor visa or the Visa Waiver Program).

Please consult an immigration attorney for additional guidance.

Program Questions

To attend the program in-person, tuition is $17000. To attend online, tuition is $9000.

Financing is available through Climb Credit or other lenders of your choice.

We also offer income sharing, where you don't pay anything for tuition until you start your career as a data scientist and are earning over a certain threshold. Check out the details under the question "What is income sharing?"

If you pay your tuition in full without financing, we do offer discounts. And if you're placed with one of our hiring partners after your training, we'll refund 50% of your tuition*.

A limited number of full-tuition scholarships are available to highly-qualified, exceptional candidates. Check out the details under the question "Do you offer scholarships?" to learn more.

We encourage you to put your best foot forward during your application for a chance to earn one of these coveted scholarships.

*Participants who use Climb Credit to finance their participation are not eligible for the 50% placement refund.

While we do have partnerships with housing options in each of our locations, participants are responsible for their own room and board during the program.

You bet your spreadsheets we do!

We proudly offer a small number of full-tuition scholarships to exceptional candidates.

If you receive one of our full-tuition scholarships, you are agreeing to:

  • Make a commitment to participate full time. Scholarship recipients are required to participate in the program in person - in New York, San Francisco, or Washington, DC - Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, as well as occasional evening networking events.
  • Leave any current positions of employment. You will interview with our hiring partners during and immediately after the program. Candidates must be ready to start work immediately after completing the program.
  • Decline to work with external recruiters while in the program. We require that scholarship recipients' job search efforts are exclusive to our hiring partners during the program and for 3 months after completion.

Great question.

Income sharing is an agreement between you, The Data Incubator, and our partner, Leif. You attend the bootcamp with the understanding that you'll pay back your tuition after you've secured a job and are earning at least $40,000 per year.

This way, you don't have to worry about paying your tuition until after you're working. And we'll provide you with all the support you need to land a role as a data scientist.

Income sharing is currently only available to individuals with a US Social Security number.

If you decide to participate in income sharing, your monthly payments will start after you begin your job, and will be based on a percentage of your income.

If you have more questions about income sharing, contact Leif at 646-760-3318, or email them directly at

Yes! We recommend using Stilt, a lender that specializes in loans for visa holders, immigrants, non-US citizens and the under-served.

Stilt evaluates factors including employability and level of education when providing loans.

Visa holders need to have a minimum of 6 months left on their visa to qualify for a loan with Stilt.

Eligible visas for Stilt include: CPT, OPT, H-1B, TN, and J-1.

If you're interested in a Stilt loan, please email for a letter to include in your application.

Visit to learn more.

Of course you can, but there are some advantages to in-person participation.

In-person participants have more established peer collaboration and in-person instructor aid. And many of our networking events are only available to participants in our in-person locations.

If you decide to participate online, we recommend that you make a full-time commitment to the program for 8 weeks. Expect to spend about 40 hours per week on the program.

If you receive one of our coveted full-tuition scholarships, we require you to attend in person.

While we can't guarantee that you'll get a job right after completing the program, we'll do our best to help you begin your new career as a data scientist. More than 80% of our graduates are employed within 6 months of completing the program; the odds are definitely in your favor.

TDI isn't your typical bootcamp. We work hard to ensure that we offer the best training from the best instructors, using the latest tools and real-world data so you can feel confident when you step into your new job as a data scientist.

  • Cohort-style program. Make the transition from academia to the business world with an excited and exceptional peer group. We aim to keep our cohorts small, with no more than 20 students in each location, to maximize your interaction with instructors.
  • Hands-on experience. All of the projects you complete in the program are designed to give you experience with real data sets while solving real business problems.
  • Onsite instructors. Every location has an onsite data scientist in residence to lead discussions and assist students.
  • Mentorship from industry leaders. Learn from alumni and senior data scientists while you build your professional network.
  • A large network of hiring partners. We work with a number of actively-hiring partner companies each cohort to help find you your dream career - and not just another job.

Our alumni are hard at work as data scientists at some of today's leading companies. But you can check out some of our alumni spotlights to learn more about our graduates.

And, if you're admitted to our program, you'll have a chance to speak with some of our alumni during information sessions.

Hiring Partner Questions

When you hire from TDI's pool of exceptional candidates, you'll pay a percentage fee based on the first-year salary. And if you want to hire multiple TDI graduates, you may receive a discount. Just talk to a placement representative for the full details. You can email us at to learn more.

But it doesn't cost anything to check out our Alumni Resume Book, which highlights our recent alumni's resumes.

As often as you need to. We don't put a cap on the number of candidates you hire from us. And because all of our candidates are successful graduates of our fellowship program, you can rest easy knowing you'll always get a top quality addition to your team.

We offer cohorts every quarter in each city, as well as online.

We aim to keep our cohorts small to ensure each student gets ample hands-on guidance from our instructors.

Most cohorts max out at 20 students per location, including online.

Once you register as a hiring partner, you'll be set up with our online resume book that includes our current candidates. This allows you to connect with our students and start your search for your next data scientist.

You can also join us for one of our networking events and meet our candidates in a fun, group atmosphere.

Only registered hiring partners have access to our current list of candidates. You can check out our Alumni Resume Book anytime, which features resumes of our recent alumni.

To put it simply, we're not a recruiting firm. We're an organization that trains and places exceptional data scientists.

We work with you to understand your specific data science needs, and then match you with candidates we've trained ourselves.

And those are the only candidates we'll show you. We only look to place those who have successfully completed our intensive training program and are ready to use their data science expertise in the business world for an organization like yours. We can vouch for the quality of every candidate we place - because we've trained them.

Unlike other bootcamps, The Data Incubator is focused on ensuring our students are prepared to hit the ground running when they enter the workforce.

As a key component to our rigorous, intensive, full-time program, our students complete a series of business-focused projects to showcase their mastery of the skills they've learned. They also complete a capstone project of their choosing using real-world, public data sets.

You can feel confident that the students who graduate from The Data Incubator have been well trained, and are highly qualified to put their skills to work for you.

Of course! Just talk to your placement representative about upcoming networking events. You do need to register as a hiring partner first, but we can help you with that.