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Data Science Foundations Program

Eight-week Online Data Bootcamp

The Data Incubator is a Cornell-funded data science training organization. We run an introductory 8-week part-time online program geared towards giving working professionals an immersive hands-on experience with foundational data science techniques. Developed based on feedback from our hundreds of industry partners and based on the same rigorous methodology as our fellowship, the curriculum transforms data amateurs into data professionals.

Experienced teachers

Learn from experienced industry professionals dedicated to teaching data analytics.

Designed for working professionals

The flexible, part-time, online course is perfect for the working professional.

Jumpstart your career

Learn the most sought-after tools and techniques in the industry to help jumpstart your data analyst career.

Build a series of miniprojects

Gain hands-on experience applying the tools employers value to real-world datasets. All powered by a 100-node cluster.

Curriculum built with feedback from over 250 industry partners:

Flatiron Health
NY Times
Capital One
JP Morgan


David Kwon

"Their heavy focus on applied learning meant that I was working on real data and solving real problems right from the start. While lectures were a valuable component of their courses, the real learning took place while working on projects. These projects were practical, engaging, and instructive, and generally great opportunities to get hands-on experience with what I had learned in the lectures."

David Kwon, Yelp

University of California, Berkeley

Dorian Goldman

"A talented instructor is not supposed to implant information into your mind, but rather function as a tour guide in a difficult landscape of concepts of varying relevance. The Data Incubator team did an incredible job of emphasizing the most important and fundamental concepts that a data scientist needs to know in his career - I know, because all of these things were confirmed in my first week at my new job."

Dorian Goldman, New York Times

New York University

Matthew Lamont

"I was introduced to many concepts that I had just touched on in some online courses I had taken prior to [The Data Incubator]. By having weekly mini projects, I was forced to understand the material more. Whilst there were lectures to accompany the mini projects, in order to complete them I was forced to do some research on my own which was a valuable thing. We weren't just fed the answers."

Matthew Lamont, AdTheorent

University of Birmingham

With loads of data you will find relationships that aren’t real.
Big data isn’t about bits,
it’s about talent.
Forbes Magazine

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