International Partnerships

Educating aspiring data scientists and industry professionals around the world

In addition to offering on-site and virtual training directly to companies, The Data Incubator also works with local partners in the areas below in order to expand its offerings and coverage. Trainings offered through its partner providers always feature certified Data Incubator instructors and feature the same curriculum The Data Incubator covers when delivering direct training.



The Data Incubator is proud to be working closely with DataMix to provide onsite classes in Tokyo, featuring coursework from The Data Incubator's Foundations and Fellowship courses. DataMix is a leading data educator in Japan, combing their wealth of teaching experience with The Data Incubator's hands-on industry-leading curriculum to provide students with premier data science training.

Germany Italy

Germany & Italy

The Data Incubator is partnering with Reply to deliver its 8-week data science Fellowship program in the Central European region. Reply is the exclusive provider of this program in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, supporting the training and development of Europe's leading-edge data professionals.



The Center of Applied Data Science is building ASEAN's first and only comprehensive data science training institution in Kuala Lumpur and The Data Incubator is contributing their expertise in curriculum development and delivery to make Malaysia a regional leader in the space.


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