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Data Science Essentials from The Data Incubator is an 8-week online class designed to strengthen your data skills, whether it’s to improve your core data wrangling and analysis or to qualify for our data science program.

We’ve developed this class with insights from our industry partners, using the same rigorous methodology as our data science program to give you the boost your data skills need.


Successfully complete Data Science Essentials to automatically earn admission into the next TDI Data Science cohort and we’ll take $1,000 off of your tuition!*

Data Science Essentials

In Data Science Essentials, you’ll learn how to programmatically work with large datasets to solve business problems. Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll be given the tools to extract, clean, and analyze data using Python. You’ll leverage Python’s powerful libraries to build predictive models to make better decisions, and help employers solve business problems using data-driven insights.

Data Science Essentials can act as prep class for students applying to our Data Science Bootcamp, and builds skill sets in two areas essential to the program: the ability to code proficiently in Python and the ability to apply statistical methodology to datasets.

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Who's it for?

Data Science Essentials is the perfect class for current and recent college and graduate-level students, working professionals, and other data enthusiasts who are looking for an immersive, hands-on experience in fundamental data science techniques.

So if you’re:

  • Interested in data science and want to learn essential skills
  • New to Python and are looking for a more robust, structured learning program
  • A data analyst, economist, or researcher who works with large data sets and wants to make analysis easier and more effective with Python
  • A software or data engineer interested in learning the fundamentals of quantitative analysis
  • Interested in applying to TDI’s Data Science Program (you’ll earn the price you paid for Data Science Essentials off of your tuition!)

Then this class is for you.

When and how much is it?

We have classes throughout the year. Our latest class will always be posted above.

The program runs for 8 weeks, with classes twice a week (check our registration page for which days as they may change per session). Classes run for 2 hours starting at 7 PM ET and we offer open office hours for a half hour each day.

Tuition for Data Science Essentials is $2895. But if you purchase your class by the early deadline, you’ll only pay $1000!

Data Science Essentials includes five hours of lectures each week. You’ll also want to allot extra time for reviewing lectures and working on the associated projects; we generally recommend setting aside at least five additional hours per week for this.


Data Science Essentials or the Data Science Bootcamp?

Data Science Essentials is a part-time, online program designed for people who’d like to learn the essentials of data science to augment their current skill sets. The class is centered on data wrangling and analysis using Python and is taught by a live instructor. Prior coding experience is definitely a plus, but not required.

However, our Data Science Bootcamp is an intensive program where students should have programming experience, a background in a highly analytical field, and the ability to work independently on programming projects. This bootcamp is for people with advanced degrees who want to make a full transition from academia to industry-focused data science.

If you successfully complete Data Science Essentials, you’ll automatically earn admission into the next TDI Bootcamp and we’ll take up to $1,000 off your tuition.

* The Data Essentials tuition discount applies to direct payment only and cannot be combined with any other enrollment discounts or offers. Students funding the program through loans are ineligible for the Data Essentials tuition discount. Students must still meet the minimum requirements to enroll in the Data Science Program.

About Data Science Essentials


  • Elementary programming knowledge
  • Familiarity with statistics

Upon completion of this program, you’ll be able to:

Classes will run for 8 weeks, with classes twice a week. Classes run for 2 hours starting at 7 PM ET and we offer open office hours for a half hour each day.

Tuition for Data Science Essentials is $2895. But if you purchase your class by the early registration deadline, you’ll only pay $1000!

Class Outline

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