We believe that education is a right that should be accessible to everyone, which is why we offer robust financing options. From tuition-free fellow spots, tuition financing, income sharing and scholarships—we’re here to help you succeed.

The Data Incubator is here to help provide a simpler path to a high-paying data science or data science engineer career—without the financial risks of traditional higher education. Our tuition payment options enable you to fund our quality bootcamps in a way that makes sense for your circumstances, needs, and ambitions. What are you waiting for? It’s time to jumpstart a career that is both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Ways to Pay

Up Front Payment

To attend our full-time or part-time online Data Science Bootcamp the tuition is: $11,000

To attend our full-time online Data Science & Engineering Bootcamp the tuition is: $10,000

For those paying in cash for either program we offer the following discounts:

  • $2,000 off for those who apply during our early admissions time frame.
  • We offer a comprehensive Priority Enrollment Package where you earn early access to services, earn money off tuition and get priority access to programs just for applying early. Download more information about the Priority Package here.
  • $1,000 for those who apply during our regular admissions time frame

Tuition-Free Fellow

We proudly offer a small number of full-tuition spots for our Full-Time Data Science and our Full-Time Data Science Engineer Bootcamps. All applicants will be considered for these tuition-free spots based on their application, challenge score and interview—we select only the individuals we believe to be the most qualified.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Scholarship

The Data Incubator DEI Scholarship will contribute to the creation of diversely talented students that will fully represent our industry. Through this scholarship, we will award up to $100,000 annually. We believe that everyone has a right to education regardless of social barriers and are committed to combating the lack of diversity in STEM. 

Women of Excellence in STEM  Scholarship

The Data Incubator Women of Excellence in STEM Scholarship was created to eradicate the gender gap within the tech field. Through this scholarship, we will award up to $100,000 annually. We believe that it’s our duty to reverse these trends and create more avenues for talented women to enter, remain, and thrive in the field of data.

Employer Sponsorship

When you use our pre-written letter you could receive full or partial tuition reimbursement from your company.

Check with your employee benefits administrator to see if you qualify for tuition reimbursement.

Change the highlighted details in our letter template to suit your needs and then send it to your company.

Pay as little as

$0 USD

per your employer’s benefits.

Income Sharing​

Income sharing is an agreement between you, The Data Incubator, and our partner, Leif. You attend the program with the understanding that you’ll pay back your tuition after you’ve completed the program and have a job where you’re earning at least $40,000 per year.

Income sharing is currently only available to individuals with a US Social Security number.

If you decide to participate in income sharing, your monthly payments will begin after you complete the program and begin your job, and will be based on a percentage of your income.

If you have more questions about income sharing, contact Leif at 646-760-3318, or email them directly at

Financial Aid

We’ve partnered with Ascent to provide our students with simple, flexible loan options to fit your needs.

Ascent offers 3 different loan payment options:

  • Deferred Repayment: Make no payments while you attend TDI and for three months after.
  • Interest-Only Repayment: Make low, interest-only payments while attending TDI and for three months after the program.
  • Immediate Repayment: Start paying your loan back one month after your TDI program begins.
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of our students are employed within 6 months of completing the program
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of our students are currently employed outside of academia
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of jobs are found through your network—we'll help you expand your world

Our alumni hold a variety of job roles, including:

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Data Scientists
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Senior Data Scientists
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Data Analysts
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Data Engineers
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