TDI alumni earn an average base salary of $128k–that’s 24% more than the industry standard of $103k. Some of our students have been offered salaries of $170k or more, and that doesn’t include bonuses!

So what does a successful TDI graduate look like?

Pretty awesome, if you ask us. Really awesome, if you ask our graduates.

david michel

I’ve never learned more in a 2 month period. It was incredibly challenging, but I got to be around and learn from some brilliant people. It was also invaluable for getting my career started as a data scientist.

David Michel
Data Science and Machine Learning Engineering Manager
Georgina Gonzalez

TDI provided me with a great introduction to the platforms and technologies in ML used in the industry. They selected projects and exercises emulating a real ML work environment. Working side by side with instructors and fellows was a crucial part of the learning experience. 

Georgina Gonzalez
Data Scientist at the University of California
justin harris

TDI introduced me to a wide range of material and gave me the confidence to pursue a Data Science career. My project presentation in my interview directly led to me beating out other applicants with more experience than myself. 

Justin Harris
Lead Data Scientist at 66degrees

Interested in joining us?

There’s never been a better time to start learning new skills and at TDI you will gain hands-on experience working on real projects to solve problems in your work or for clients. Our curriculum includes machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics, data visualization, and more.