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Data are becoming the new raw material of business
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Data Science Training

Tailored big data and data scientist courses

The Data Incubator offers data science training to fit your team's specific needs, from 2-3 day workshops to multi-week modules. Leverage world-class industry expertise to turn your budding data analysts into knowledgeable practitioners. Learn the latest techniques and technologies, from machine learning to Hadoop and Spark. We can also install our environment in your cloud so that your team can start using the tools they learned immediately.

You can also hire data scientists from our pool of talented Data Science Fellows.

Turbocharge your existing capabilities

Train those who already understand your business to leverage the latest data tools. Do away with recruiting and onboarding costs.

Nurture your enterprise talent

Reward, motivate, and retain your team with new learning opportunities. Increase employee engagement and morale.

Reach everyone

Learn from anywhere, in real-time or asynchronously, in-person or remotely, onsite or offsite. Our cloud-based curriculum can be deployed anywhere, and our instructors will follow.

Develop big data analytics leadership

Enroll your employees in our program and develop leaders who will disseminate these new best practices in your organization.

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Flatiron Health
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"Their heavy focus on applied learning meant that I was working on real data and solving real problems right from the start. While lectures were a valuable component of their courses, the real learning took place while working on projects. These projects were practical, engaging, and instructive, and generally great opportunities to get hands-on experience with what I had learned in the lectures."

David Kwon, Yelp

"A talented instructor is not supposed to implant information into your mind, but rather function as a tour guide in a difficult landscape of concepts of varying relevance. The Data Incubator team did an incredible job of emphasizing the most important and fundamental concepts that a data scientist needs to know in his career - I know, because all of these things were confirmed in my first week at my new job."

Dorian Goldman, New York Times

"I was introduced to many concepts that I had just touched on in some online courses I had taken prior to [The Data Incubator]. By having weekly mini projects, I was forced to understand the material more. Whilst there were lectures to accompany the mini projects, in order to complete them I was forced to do some research on my own which was a valuable thing. We weren't just fed the answers."

Matthew Lamont, AdTheorent

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